The Problem: with the advent of esoteric automotive audio systems came the challenge of
                           proper speaker placement within the confines of today's smaller cars.

The Solution . . .

   A cosmetically pleasing acoustically tuned speaker enclosure offering a wide choice of speaker and crossover network options to allow for the environment of your car.

    The unique design of our speaker system allows for a multi-speaker arrangement with the mid-range and tweeter units facing foward for optimum stereo reproduction.

The rigid fiberglass sub-structure is custom upholstered with a foam base in a material to compliment the interior of your car; and of a design to allow for the speediest of installations without any interior modifications.

Some enclosures even allow for the option of built-in amplifiers resulting in esoteric sound systems which can be easily installed by even the novice car stereo buff.

Whichever style of enclosure you choose, the addition of a Moch-1 enclosure will be the ultimate in a solution to your auto sound dilemmas.

Moch-1 Rear  enclosure without speakers    $315.00
Moch-1 Rear speaker enclosure with speakers         $635.00

Please specify when ordering with wiper or without wiper

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